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Camping and Backpacking Excursion Gear Rentals

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Our rental kits have everything you need for a camping or backpacking adventure. Rent the gear you need, when you need it. No maintenance, storage, or ownership necessary. Maui Camping Company offers on-demand rental camping gear, delivered to you.
We have 3 types of kits when camping out of your car: from very simplistic with the "Minimalist" to basically creating a super comfy outside living space which we endearingly call the "Shameless Glamper". There's no shame with that, that is our top choice for an amazing experience. The "Not Too Shabby" is somewhere in between. It depends on your needs and desired level of comfort.

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Fun Maui “Gear” (and Pet) Rentals

Wavestorm 8' Surfboard Rentals


Wavestorm™ is one of the most recognized foam surfboard brands in the United States. Light-weight, soft & easy to handle, the 8ft Classic Longboard is one of the best-selling learn-to-surf models in the market. Utilizing Wavestorm’s extensive manufacturing experience, the 8ft Classic surfboard has been consistently refined season after season to bring you the most advanced & innovative material compositions available. 

Surfing in Maui

The North Shore of Maui is where you'll find the biggest and most consistent waves. Hookipa is a great surf spot when winds are favorable with 3-4 main breaks. This Maui surf spot is for experienced surfers only. The current can be strong and there are only 2 entrances to the surf. The reef infront of most of the spots is exposed which makes it difficult to get to shore when the currents are blazing. The entrances are at either end of the beach and narrow. The waves here are good but crowded.
Another popular spot to surf is Honolua Bay. This is one of the best waves on the island though extremely fickle. Usually only breaking a handful of times in the winter, Honolua Bay can offer a really long barreling right hand wave.

Again, only for advanced surfers, Honolua surf can be treacherous. The Cave is a section of the wave, which is notorious for sucking surfers under and keeping them there. Keiki Bowls, on the inside, is super shallow and fast. This is a fun part of the wave, but you don't want to fall here. Just kicking out can leave your knuckles scraped when paddling. There are dozens of other reef breaks around the island. The few beach breaks available are usually not very good in comparison.

Music Equipment Rentals - Ukulele & Guitar

From rockers to folkie, classical artistes to country pickers, we have a Ukulele or Guitar to suit your needs. Weather your camping, hiking or enjoying a picnic on the trails and beaches of Maui consider renting one of our musical instruments to enjoy a sing-a-long in beautiful Hawaii.

Campfire Kit Rental: Habachi, Wood, Starter Log, Paper, Lighter, Kindling, S’mores Supplies

 What could be better than a chilly night next to a campfire with s’mores?  Campfire Kit features classic fire starting necessities including tinder, kindling, a starter log, with a portable Habachi grill. It also includes a collection of treats contains crisp graham crackers, dark chocolate, and tender marshmallows ready to be roasted to the exact shade of toastiness you crave. 

Snuggly Golden Retriever

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Take along the perfect camping and hiking companion! Borrow our trained dog for your Maui excursion! Many areas of our public lands welcome canine companions. If your away from home and miss your pets, you can rent ours for your trip.


 Super Lightweight And Easy Setup: The backpacking hammock can be used for camping, travel, beach and hikes. You will have everything you need for quick and easy hanging setup. It will take less than 3 minutes to hang your camping hammock on a tree or nearby objects using the ropes, strips and carabiners. Sleep in it or just relax.

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