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Our Mission:

Make Happy Campers!



We strive to make outdoor adventures easy for travelers by providing everything needed for a memorable camping experience.

We have no poison ivy, no bears, no snakes, and no large cats, just perfect temperatures. While you are here, try some surfing, snorkeling, waterfall discovering. Maybe add kayaking, hiking, and whale watching, while you’re at it!

Flying to Maui with camping gear can get expensive.

We know that the logistical hurdles of planning an outdoor adventure can be quite challenging. That’s why the Maui Camping Company rental model is a more complete spin on renting than you will find anywhere else. We provide all you need to participate in an outdoor adventure in convenient ‘kits’. Our kits have everything down to the smallest detail so you don’t need to bring anything except your clothes, some food, sunscreen, and an appetite for adventure.

Let’s get outside!

Maui Camping Company is a female owned and operated business. Camping on this island is our favorite thing to do, as there are so many different experiences you can have just on Maui. You can camp along the ocean in whale season (December - April) and watch them all day along the south shores. You can camp out by Hana and be first at 7 Sacred Pool in the morning. You can backpack on top of Haleakala in the crater, catch the famous sunrise, and you will never experience anything more quiet with some of the clearest stargazing in the world.

About Sue:

Sue grew up in Ohio with a family that would load the kids up in the station wagon and take month long camping trips out west. They also spent every summer along Georgian Bay in Canada, and did many hikes along sections of the Bruce Trail. Sue loves to travel: She's hiked in Northern Thailand, summited Mt Kilamajaro in Africa, explored Mt Everest on the Tibetan side, hiked sections of the Appalachian trail, and camp just about anywhere she can throw down a tent. For fun here on Maui, she loves to kiteboard, surf, bike, do yoga, aspire to be a descent ukulele player, and take her dogs along on adventures.

She believes the magic happens when outside in nature, between families, friends, couples, or by herself. Its a great opportunity to disconnect with technology and appreciate all the gifts of nature around us. It doesn’t get any better than here on Maui.

About Kaymie:

Kaymie grew up in Maui, and her family would always be looking for epic hikes and new secret waterfalls. She and her dad have backpacked in Yosemite, Colorado, and Machu Picchu. She enjoys playing piano, SUPing, whale watching, hiking, and finding adventures.


Our Mascots:

The odd couple Lucy and Nani. They enjoy surveying the campsites and have strong opinions of where to set up the tent and such. Proximity to places to swim and smells of people cooking usually influence their decisions. They are island dogs and usually expect some kind of hike each day.